Tiz Baskerville


Tiz joined YCs at the age of 15 after helping her sister stand successfully for election to Brentwood Council.

During the 1980's Tiz moved to Norfolk, joining South West Norfolk where she soon became a Branch Chairman. Since then she has a long and consistent track record of party involvement.

1993-96 Association Deputy Chairman

1996-99 Association Chairman to the Rt Hon Gillian Shephard

2000-03 Deputy Chairman Norfolk & Suffolk Area

2003-06 Chairman Norfolk & Suffolk Area

2006-09 Deputy Chairman Eastern Region

2009-12 Eastern Region Chairman

2009-12 National Strategy Team Member

2008-14 Chairman Eastern Region CWO

2008 to 2015 Member of the Party's Association Finance Board

2011 to 2012 Member of Parliamentary, European and PCC selection boards

2012 to 2016 Patron of Conservative Foundation

2014 to 2016 National Vice Chairman CPF

2014 to 2016 Vice President of the Conservative Party National Convention


Worked in the City for a well-known Stockbrokers for several years

1984 Director of a Property Investment Company - residential and commercial

2001 to date Chairman of a Property Investment Company