Tiz Baskerville


The result of the 2017 General Election should mean a thorough review of the Party's key organisational objectives. Here are mine:

  • Continue to provide full support of Lord Feldman's review of the Party. It is so very vital to get this right and help ensure the framework for the organisational future of our great Party. Do we now need to go further still? Perhaps. I believe everything should be re-evaluated in light of June 2017. We have to get this right.
  • Making sure that we make the very best use of social media to get our message across, especially to the younger generation.
  • Ensuring that radically improving local constituency organisation is the key aspect of our continuing work. We must be ready organisationally. That means seriously boosting our delivery networks, canvassing teams and GOTV structures.
  • Increased membership - an essential part of our Party not only in garnering more pledges and VI's, but also providing much needed regular income, people to attend functions and a much needed increase in our pool of voluntary talent.
  • To set out a clearly defined Target Seats campaign, for the next General Election, without delay.
  • To equip these Target Seats with all the financial and campaigning resources required to gain, or hold, the seat - as well as providing each of them with a suitably trained, full time, Campaign Manager.
  • Consider the revival of the once highly successful Area Campaign Director network.
  • To further support the excellent development initiative being run by the CWO, giving training to everyone who aspires to election.
  • Review our training structures across the board. There is a lot to be done and little time in which to do it.