Tiz Baskerville

Campaign to re-elect Tiz Baskerville as a Vice President of the National Convention


Since the election of a majority Conservative government in 2015, my key objectives have been:

  • Providing full support of Lord Feldman's review of the Party. It was so very vital to get this right and help ensure the framework for the organisational future of our great Party.
  • Increased membership - an essential part of our Party not only in garnering more pledges and VI's, but also providing much needed regular income, people to attend functions and hopefully an increase in our pool of voluntary talent.
  • Not to underestimate the potential resurgence of the Liberal Democrats in certain parts of our country. They were tamed in 2015. We need to keep it that way.
  • UKIP also need to be kept firmly in our sights for the threat that they, undoubtedly, continue to pose.
  • To further support the excellent development initiative being run by the CWO, giving training to everyone who aspires to election across the board.
  • Ensuring that improving local constituency organisation is a key aspect of our continuing work. The General Election may be long over but we have other key challenges looming and we must be ready organisationally. That means boosting our delivery networks, canvassing teams and GOTV structures. This is no time to become complacent. The 2020 General Election will be upon us before we can blink!

Teamwork Wins - Campaign to re-elect Tiz