Tiz Baskerville


Tiz would like to thank everyone who, in previous years, very kindly supported her nomination for the position of Vice President of the National Convention. She is enormously grateful to each and every one of them.

I have known and worked with Tiz Baskerville for the past 30 years. She is an enthusiastic and inspiring leader, with the ability to organise teams large and small. She would continue to be a wonderful Vice President of the National Convention.

The Rt Hon Baroness Shephard of Northwold, Former Chairman of the Association of Conservative Peers





Tiz is a rock of support and good sense. Volunteers, activists, candidates, party workers and elected representatives turn to her for calm, considered guidance. When campaigning she encourages us all and we all then put in that bit more. In the East of England in 2010 we took 11 key Labour held marginals, this turned the Region into the bluest part of the country. Tiz worked tirelessly in every seat, leading from the front, from Luton to Lowestoft she was everywhere. In 2015 she did this again, helping defend and add to our seats in the East - but vitally she also helped lead the Battlebus across the country. Thus spreading our message delivering the Conservative majority.

She listens to the concerns of party members and very firmly makes sure that our party leaders and those in CCHQ hear and take action. As a National Convention Vice President, the voluntary party will have a great champion at the helm.

Vicky Ford MP, Chelmsford - Former MEP Eastern Region


I worked very closely with Tiz during my time as National Chairman. I was always impressed with her hard work, commitment and good common sense. These are qualities the Party needs at this challenging time. I have every confidence Tiz will continue to be a first class Vice President.

Don Porter CBE, Former Chairman of the National Convention




Tiz is the very heartbeat of the Voluntary Party in Eastern England. As a leader, motivator, wise counsel and advocate she has a great record of getting things done. Because she is listened to and respected so widely Tiz has had real impact and influence in representing the Party's membership on the Board.

Charles Barwell – Former President of the National Convention





It's always a great pleasure to work with Tiz. Her enthusiasm, her energy and her experience of the Voluntary Party at many levels and in many different areas, means she really understands the Voluntary Party. She is always willing to listen and help and as a Vice President I'm sure she will continue to be a great advocate for us.

Wendy Morton MP, Aldridge Brownhills




I have had the pleasure of working with Tiz over many years, both on the Strategy Team and Association Finance Board, during which time Tiz has always been a Team player and gone that extra mile for the Party.

Steve Bell - Former President of the National Convention



I have known and worked with Tiz for a number of years – both on CWO and also when she was Eastern Regional Chairman. I have always enjoyed working with Tiz – she is a dedicated and hard working person, who achieves great results through charm and enthusiasm. I know that she will continue to be a very valuable voice for the Voluntary Party on the Conservative Party Board.

The Baroness Hodgson of Abinger CBE, Former President of the National Convention




It gives me great pleasure to endorse the nomination of Tiz Baskerville for the vice presidency of the National Convention. I have known Tiz for several years and witnessed how hard she has worked for the voluntary party. Wherever you go, particularly in the Eastern Region, everybody knows her and she knows them. She also has that great quality of gentle persuasion which I have experienced first-hand.

Robert Sears - Former Chairman Eastern Region



I have known Tiz for a number of years and have worked closely with her during her time as an excellent and hardworking Eastern Regional Chairman - both for the Party and the Conservative Women's Organisation. Tiz is committed to helping the grassroots and has a huge amount of Party experience in enabling her to do this. I was delighted to hear that she is re-standing for Vice President of the National Conservative Convention and have no hesitation in recommending her.

Niki Molnar, Hon President of the Conservative Women's Organisation




Tiz is a great campaigner, - and it was great to be with her on the election battlebus! She is a longstanding, hardworking volunteer who has good leadership skills and is not afraid to take difficult decisions and say things that need to be said. I know she will continue to make an excellent Vice President.

Jeremy Middleton – Former Chairman of the National Convention




Tiz is quite simply an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She's a great listener, a fantastic mediator and a wonderful campaigner who has that unique ability to make everyone feel better about themselves. She goes that extra mile and I have no hesitation in endorsing her nomination as Vice President of the National Convention.

Iain Dale - Publisher and Broadcaster




It has been such a great pleasure to work closely with Tiz over so many years. Her energy, passion and selfless commitment to our Party shines through in everything she does. Most recently Tiz has served the Conservative Policy Forum as our Vice-Chairman (voluntary) and throughout this time has worked tirelessly to grow our grassroots policy programme. I very much hope colleagues will vote to support the re-election of Tiz for another year as Vice President to our National Convention!

Dr Spencer Pitfield JP, Voluntary Director of the CTU and former CPF National Director






I am delighted to endorse Tiz Baskerville for the National Convention. She is a fantastic motivator and has encouraged many people to support and work for the Party as well as always being prepared to lead from the front. Her organisation across the Eastern Region is superb and it would be great to see her continue to take this forward at a national level.

Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP - Chief Secretary to the Treasury




Tiz has been a wonderful asset to the Party over many years in many different roles. She has very wide experience and used that experience to help us win in 2015. She believes in teamwork and with her track record of dedication and success she will continue to be an excellent Vice-President.

Mrs Linda Kirk MBE, Former East Midlands Regional Chairman


It has been a privilege and pleasure to work closely with Tiz for many years. She has clearly demonstrated that she has the best interests of the Voluntary Party at heart and I have every confidence that once re-elected, Tiz will prove once again to be a first class ambassador for the volunteers around the Party's Board Table, bringing common sense, pragmatism and fairness to resolving the issues that arise. There can be no better candidate for this important role.

Brian Hamill, Former Chairman of the Association Finance Board

Tiz is a tireless champion and resolute supporter of the voluntary wing of the Party here in the East of England with a track-record to prove it. It is important for her abilities to continue to be available to all Conservatives and I urge you to support her.

Cllr Jonathan Gray - Former Deputy Chairman, Eastern Region


I have worked with Tiz for many years in Eastern Area and at by-elections throughout the country. She is a formidable campaigner.

Rt Hon Sir Eric Pickles, Former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government



When I was selected as an MEP candidate Tiz was a huge help both to me and the other candidates. As a young Conservative, she has always encouraged and supported me and I know that she has been the same with other younger members. I think Tiz would continue to make a fantastic Vice-President.

Tom Hunt – Former European Candidate for Eastern Region




Tiz has been a fantastic support to us in the Candidate's Department over the years. She has been a key part of the work we do to attract and then select the very best candidates for the Party, being a member of the Parliamentary Assessment Board, as well as contributing thoroughly to the selection of both European Candidates and PCC candidates. She will continue to make a very fine Convention Vice President. I commend her to you without hesitation.

Baroness Carlyn Chisholm - Former Head of CCHQ Candidates Department



I have canvassed with Tiz at many by-elections over the years and know her passionate commitment for the Party. Tiz consistently goes the extra mile beyond the call of duty. She would continue to make an excellent Vice President.

Christopher Fraser, Chairman of Conservative Alumni and Patron of The Conservative Foundation



I have great pleasure in endorsing Tiz Baskerville for the role of Vice President of the Conservative Party. I have worked with her for many years. She was a very supportive Deputy Chairman when I was the Regional Chairman. Tiz will turn her hand to any task, is not afraid of dealing with difficult situations and she is a very good motivator.

Sir Graham Bright - Former Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Eastern Region Chairman




I have worked closely with Tiz on the Association Finance Board, so I am fully aware of her commitment to the Party and know that she will continue to be a strong voice on the Board representing the Voluntary Party. I fully support her nomination for Vice President of the National Convention.

Lyndon Jones - Former member of the Association Finance Board/ Former Chairman Of the Welsh Conservative Party


Tiz has worked hard for the Party for many years. She is a hard-working and experienced campaigner who spent days travelling around the country during the recent election campaign - including charming my local residents in Loughborough market.

Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, Loughborough




george freemanI have known Tiz for some years since my selection as candidate for Mid Norfolk and have observed her total commitment to the Party; always working in the target seats to ensure the greatest chance of success. Tiz is always just round the corner during the by-elections and always going that extra mile.

Tiz is hugely respected in both the Eastern Region, and in the Party grassroots network nationally, and I believe she deserves and merits a place on the Convention team and on the Board. She will be an important asset in the task of rebuilding confidence after the recent election.

George Freeman MP, Chairman of the Conservative Policy Forum

pat mooreI am so delighted to hear Tiz Baskerville is standing for a third year as a Vice President of the Convention. With her extensive experience within the Party, from Area to Regional Chairman, and including Regional CWO Chairman and Foundation Patron, with her commitment and energy she deserves the support of the Convention.

Pat Moore, Chairman South West Region Conservatives